Saturday, September 17, 2005

San Francisco's Courier Disaster Response Team

How can bicyclists help out in a disaster? We find out when Bikescape talks with Serenity Enriquez who started the Bike Courier Disaster Response Team.

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Serenity was awarded Local Hero Status by the San Francisco Bay Guardian



Rudolph said...

Your blog is an inspiration, even in a country where bicycles are used far more than in the US.

Bicycles are pretty much everywhere here, the second largest economy in the world, and a huge range of the population uses them. I was reminded of that this morning when I saw a guy transporting a pile of cardboard on his "mama chari" or "mom's bike," the standard for bikes in Japan. He must have been around 70.

I was also pleased the other day when a flier about disaster prevention landed in my mailbox. It suggested that families have a bicycle among their gear. Japan is a country that has several typhoons a year and is expecting huge earthquakes soon. There are mountains of information on how to prepare ourselves, and everybody knows that when those earthquakes happen, bicycles are going to be the only way to get around.

Erik Sandblom said...

I can't download this podcast. It's a file not found.

jon said...

Link fixed. Sorry.