Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bike Summer LA Part 1

Bikescape takes the Calshuttle to LA for a few days of Bike Summer, a month of activities designed to promote biking and bike culture. We meet with the folks at the Bicycle Kitchen and the volunteers of Times Up! We also met with Tomatoes who led a single speed cruiser race.

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Send an email to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to demand a pedestrian oasis in Golden Gate Park!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trust your mechanic

This week we go to American Cyclery to visit with mechanic Bike Dave. We talk about bike lanes, bike theft, how to keep your chain clean and lubed and so much more.

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Beware of stolen bikes at some used bike shops!

Transportation for a Livable City
would like help promoting some assmbly bills in California.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Heavy pedal cyclecide!

This week Bikescape takes the family to the County Unfair and we walk the pedal powered midway. Then we take in the Life-size Mousetrap game.

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Esmerelda Strange performed. Meet her and get some of her songs here.

Señor Coconut

More links to come in a coupla days.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

World Environment Day

The United Nations returns to its (and Critical Mass's) birthplace in San Francisco to stage World Environment Day. Bikescape takes a walk through some exhibits and attends the Green Cities panel discussion.

We look for something to be hopeful about and come up decidedly short.

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The Scrap House was built by the San Francisco Building Inspections Dept and Public Architecture.

The SF Weekly ran a great article about the connection between housing and biking.

Wonderwater Rain Catchment Systems

City Car Share

Nelson Nygaard Consulting

Transportation for a Livable City

Leah Shahum from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition wrote this op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle.

World Naked Bike Ride! June 11