Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mona's Mural

In the spirit of Art Mobs Mona Caron takes us for an audio tour of her 340 foot long mural adorning San Francisco's Duboce St. Bikeway.

Listen to the podcast or
go straight to Bikescape in itunes

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the opening.

The Bicycle Film Festival

Still We Speak defends your your rights!

Some say Leonardo da Vinci invented the bicycle.

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Anonymous said...

(Mark from Charlotte, NC). Great show - looking forward to your next one. I'm a bike commuter when not working from home, use my bike whenever I can, have a bykaboose trailer for groceries / errands, etc. People here still haven't quite got yet how bikes add value to the fabric of the transportation network. It's going to take more public investment to make our public space more livable. Check out our local commuter site: www.bikementor.org