Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Midnite Ridazz in LA

Bikescape spends an evening in Los Angeles and checks in on the thriving LA bike culture. We go on the Midnight Ridazz ride though the Pasadena area. We meet up with activists, fixie afficionados, partiers and the occasional alien.

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To link up with LA activists, visit the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.

Illuminate LA

Get your bike fixed or, better yet, learn how to fix it yourself at the Bike Kitchen or the Bike Oven.

If you like fixed gear bikes, visit LA Fixed.

Get your bike event listed on the Bike Boom Calendar.

Blogs of record in LA
Cycle Santa Monica

San Francisco is gearing up for Bike Spring!

Thanks to Enci, Stephan, Eric, Kelly, and everyone else for their help in getting this podcast out. Photo by DJ Kooya

Thursday, March 01, 2007

hybrid shmybrid

"Try the Patch" uses the metaphor of smoking on an elevator to unveil the truth about transportation pollution. The myth of the "green" car is similar to myth of the "light" cigarette. Both are still toxic. Just as the patch offers a cure to cigarette addiction, the bicycle can end our addiction to cars. Many times more energy efficient during all phases of their life and fueled by willpower bicycles offer promise for a sustainable future.

This film was made by my buddies Jim Swanson and Kristen Steele (scroll way down) and stars Bill Stender, Kristen Steele, our own Andy Thornly and Laura Lent.

Go and rate this film right now at If my friends win the contest they will win two air tickets to Alaska to watch the glaciers melt. (No kidding.)