Friday, June 16, 2006

Mona's latest

No bike content here but if you want to follow the career of Market Street Railway and Duboce Bike Mural artist Mona Caron, here's an invite to the opening of her latest creation.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

russian hill roulette auteur frank chan

In this episode we meet Frank Chan, the maker of the films I podcasted yesterday. Don't forget to stop by the Zeitgeist Film Fest on Monday, June 12 to meet Frank and see his and other great films.

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The film was followed by a brief clip from the tour Josh Hart led of the six steepest hills in San Francisco. Check out the photos and more film clips here.

Take a look at the Times Up! site to get details about the car-free Central Park situation inNew York.

Friday, June 09, 2006

russian hill roulette

Rather than avoid San Francisco’s famous hills, some cyclists embrace them. Here’s a movie by my pal Frank Chan where he depicts climbs of the six steepest streets in town. A bonus clip follows of Frank’s arduous tour that was inspired by the film.

You can see this film in glorious high rez under the stars at the Zeitgeist Film Festival in SF this Monday in the beer garden of the same name.

Stay tuned to the next post for an interview with the auteur and a buncha links.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

bike to work day, 2006

A year goes by and we celebrate another bike to work day. Bikescape follows the working masses to their jobs but takes the day off to make a podcast. We meet some friends and dignitaries and talk about the current state of urban cycling. Then, as usual, we take a look at upcoming events in the world of biking and go through the mailbag.

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Bike to Work Day breaks records in San Francisco

Mike Kasolis, Vice Chair of the San Francisco Metropolitain Trasportation Authority and Tim Colon, executive director of the Housing Action Coaltion and I met outside my home where we had a short conversation before heading out.

Andy Thornley from the Bike Coalition spoke about the SFBC's cycling report card (pdf) for San Francisco. You can also catch him on the excellent videoblog, Bike TV.

Mayor Newsom vetoed legislation to ban cars from JFK drive in Golden Gate Park but he showed up on the ride.

We talk to the author of that legislation and a lot of other transportation and land use initiatives, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

The Dittybops are touring country promoting their new album Moon over the Freeway. They will be leading a bike ride on Saturday, June 3, meeting on the Polk St. Steps of City Hall at noon. Then they play a date at Slim the following Sunday night.

Bogota Columbia Mayor Enrique Peñalosa will speak Monday, June 19 at the Commonwealth Club.

Someone wanted to know what I mean when i end the show by exhorting everyone to take the lane.