Thursday, August 24, 2006

san francisco critical mass katrina memorial ride

This month marks the first anniversary of hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans Deluge. In this age of global warming, is San Francisco next? This month's proposed route follows the flood line along the submerged Embarcadero.

If you like this route, please download this pdf flyer for distribution at SF Critical Mass this Friday, Aug 28.

If you live outside of San Francisco check to find the ride in your city. Chances are there is a similar proposed theme to your ride. Check Rising Tide North America, an org that has been trying to herd the CM cats around this subject.

Flyer, graphic and route curtesy of The committee for Full Enjoyment

Sunday, August 20, 2006

oregon's laws need fixing

A cop routinely pulls over a messenger on a fixie and cites her for riding without brakes. She goes to court to prove that a fixed gear bike’s drive train, combined with the power of her own legs are a brake, able to satisfy the requirements of the law. You must be able to skid the braked wheel on dry level pavement.

In the case that all fixie riders have been waiting for, the judge rules the defendant guilty and an appeal is prepared.

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We speak with lawyer Ray Thomas who's working on collecting material for an appeal. As a part of their work, they produced this publication on bike law.

Dan Kaufman made this film of Ayla stopping her bike as well as a bike with a coaster brake.

What other type of bike makes sport of stopping and standing still?

Also, we remember two leaders of the forty year old and still ongoing San Francisco freeway revolt, Sue Bierman and Patricia Walkup. Both died in the last few weeks.

Friday, August 18, 2006