Saturday, April 30, 2005

The revolution will not be motorized

With apologies to Gill Scott Heron. New lyrics by Larry Chinn.

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Lyrics from the Bikesummer website (1998 San Francisco BS archive pages)

Gill Scott Heron

Friday, April 29, 2005

biking and blathering

Bikescape invites you to join him on his commute from San Francisco to Berkeley. We ride across town before the sun rises, take the train under the Bay, then roll through SF's cinderella sister, Oakland to work in West Berkeley. Along the way I chatter and sermonize about the advantages of high density, European style cities over
auto-induced sprawl.

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The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler

A Map to follow

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PS Critical Mass tonight!

Monday, April 25, 2005

San Jose Ave bike lane ribbon cutting

From the SFBC news - (I hear there will be free Mitchel's ice cream!)

Wooo-hoo! We're having a Big Happy Lane-Loving Ribbon-Cutting Celebration for the newly-striped San Jose / Guerrero bike lanes, this Saturday (4/30) at 12 noon, in the little triangle on the east side of San Jose at 28th Street. Come out and join district Supervisors Ammiano and Dufty as we raise a hearty holler for these great new lanes and the hard-working neighbors and public servants who made them happen!

Sadly, not everyone is loving these swell new lanes -- there are some grumbling motorists making complaints to City Hall -- so be sure to show your support. Of course, phone calls and emails to supervisors and city staff are great (send a thank-you note to Supervisors Dufty <> and Ammiano <> if you haven't already, and give those DPT folks <> a big smooch, too!), but you can also be a big help by distributing informational flyers to bicyclists and others in the area. Contact Andy Thornley (431-BIKE x307 or and we'll get you set up for effective flyering on this important new link in the Citywide Bike Network. And we'll see you Saturday for a good old time on the brand new San Jose / Guerrero lanes!

podcast servers are up again! was down for a few hours which is why you couldn't get any podcasts this afternoon. All fixed now.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The bicycle lifestyle

After catching up on the news, Bikescape rides up fifteen stories to the plush new offices of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to meet with executive director Leah Shahum. We talk about how to ease yourself out of car culture and into the bicycle lifestyle.

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Shout outs to
The Michigan Cycling Podcast
Bike Talk Radio on KDRT Radio in Davis, California (and in the pod-o-sphere)
Five Speed Cassette likes Ann Coulter but we have common ground in cycling!
Podbike is a directory of bike podcasts

An update on the New York Critical Mass Situation from the front page of the NY Times. The article is archive already and you have to pay to read the whole thing...

Democracy Now! has a better segment and its free

If you're not getting this podcast by subscribing to it via RSS using the free ipodder app, you're missing half the fun!

This may or may not be the same guy leah's talking about but, if not, this blogger is his kindred spirit. (For informational purposes only, not an invitation to flame or troll him!)

Bike to Work Day

Learn to drive your bicycle

Recomended reading from Velodiablo


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bikescape checks out the new San Jose Ave bike lanes

Public space is reclaimed for bikes (and the community!) as new bike lanes are striped

This week we take a walk along the new San Jose Ave bike lanes. Seven years in the making this reclaimation of public space has finally come to pass. We talk to the main instigator Gillian Gillette about how she rallyed her neighbors and allied them with the bike community to make her neighborhood a more livable place.

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The San Jose Ave. website

TLC is the fiscal sponsor for the neighborhood coalition

Walk San Francisco

SF Bicycle Coalition

Mitchell's Ice Creamery, the best ice cream in the world
688 San Jose Avenue at the corner of 29th Street
11:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm.
7 days a week

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Broken links fixed

A-Infos, where I store the mp3's for the podcasts went and archived the files and changed the links. They're fixed now and I'm about to ping the feed and see if a disaster awaits for those of you using podccast clients. Hopefully, some of you won't be re-downloading old episodes. Please leave me a comment here if you have a problem with the feed and I'll get right on it.


A-Infos is a great site, by the way. Remind me to make a donation for their great, free net radio hosting service.


Thursday, April 07, 2005