Sunday, November 27, 2005

Taking off the training wheels

One never forgets one's first experience on two wheels. Bikescape reconnects with the feeling.

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That's my brother (left) and me on the red schwinn with the solid rubber tires.

Bikeboom is a great website for los angelenos with an open source calendar. (Anyone can post events)

The bike kitchen is the web site for the folks who'll teach you how to tune your bike.

Chris Carlsson will be leading his bike tour about San Francisco ecological history.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be having is winterfest, among other events. (check the calendar!)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The San Francisco Bicycle Ballet

This is just an experiment to see how video works on bikescape. Let me know how it works!

Watch the video

Bikescape didn't make it to the SFBB show last week because of birthday conflicts but here's a three second clip of the bikerinas doing a move knnown as the"daisy."

See you all next week with a new podcast about first bike rides...


Monday, November 14, 2005

Commuting together: The Genentech bike club

Why ride alone when you can ride together? Bikescape joins the Genentech Bike Club as they splash through the rainy streets fifteen miles from San Francisco to their suburban office park. We talk of many things: food, dress, and cycle commuter accommodations in the corporate world.

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We also visit Nelson Nygaard and Associates and talk to Adam Millard-Ball about planning for better transportation

The Cranksgiving Alley Cat ride is happening in New York where this film by Lucas Brunell was filmed.

Don't Miss the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winter Fest

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bridging the gap

This week Bikescape looks for a way across the San Francisco Bay by bike. We look at the BART train and the Bay Bridge Bike Shuttle and take a peek into future possibilities.

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BART's bike rules

Here's an old movie about the construction of the Bay Bridge

Here's a link to the Bay Bridge bike shuttle

Let's keep an eye on the Rincon Hill Plan and make sure room is left for a bicycle approach to the Bridge

The Transbay Terminal is due for a makeover

Come see the Bike Ballet! Friday, Nov. 11, 7PM - Midnight; Dogpatch Saloon, 2496 Third (@22nd Street)*

Chris Carlsson will be leading a bike tour of San Francisco Labor History (scroll down)

Both the London and New York Halloween Critical Masses went off without a hitch. Check them out at Bikeblog