Sunday, March 26, 2006

park or parking lot?

What is an urban park? Is it a social public space, friendly to cyclists and walkers or a parking lot for museum visitors and a traffic sewer for cross-town traffic?

Bikescape spends Sunday in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park where the fight is on to ban cars from JFK drive on Saturdays just like they are now on Sundays.

Listen to the podcast or
go to Bikescape in itunes

The Healthy Saturdays Initiative will open JFK Drive to cyclists, roller bladers and walkers on Saturdays.

Email the Board of Supervisor and let them know how important the park is to the city.

The San Francisco Ride for World Health has a fifty and a thirty mile ride on April 1.

The San Francisco Oyster and Beer Festival. Oysters and stout. Just add bikes. Kash will be parking bikes.

The People Dimension of Public Space, a discussion with Dr. Jan Gehl and Allan Jacobs, moderated by Dean Macris, SF Director of Planning.
Tue., Apr. 4 | 5-7pm, City Hall, South Light Court

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Songs in the key of bike

A simple podcast of bicycle inspired music. (NO QUEEN!)

Listen to the podcast or
go to Bikescape in itunes

Bicycle by Pfilbryte.

I took the soundtrack from a film about the 30,000 strong Budapest Critical Mass for one song.

Senior Coconut covers Tour de France by Kraftwerk.

Sambaguru, featuring Katia Moreas will be playing in Studio City next week.

Mireille Mathieu, Les Biciclettes de Belsize

You can't have a podcast like this without a song like Cars by the Desperate Bicycles

Slow Down
... a sentiment cyclists understand.

Send a letter to Arnold, the governator via the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's website to get a bike lane over the Bay Bridge in our lifetimes.