Friday, September 02, 2005

broken links repaired and a new one

Radio4all moved to a new server and changed the links to the podcasts and I had to repair the feed. I'm sorry if you get new downloads of shows you've already heard...

And speaking of links, here's one to a great blog run kindred spirit Michael Green out of NY. The blog is called bikeblog and its got a lot of first hand accounts and photos of the vibrant and exciting NY bike scene.


philippe said...

i empathize with the problem since I got the same with :)
I wish there could be a biking/walking radio show in Seattle and why not at the national level. Did yo uever contacted the Air America Radio folks?

jon said...

Hey Bikescape is international in scope if you want it to be. Send me mp3's on the Seattle bike scene and I'll be happy to integrate the into the show.

I just happen to live in San Francisco so I pay attention to what happens here but I know the the audience is global and I try to telescope what I'm covering to encompass the macro view.

As for Air America, I have real reservations about doing a show thats peppered with car commercials but, on the the other hand... Hmm... Bikescape is a labor of love but getting paid to do this ? What a concept!