Thursday, February 24, 2005

Riding and Ranting

I just figured out how to record and bike at the same time. Here's twenty minutes of stream of consiousness.

Stay tuned for San Francisco Critical Mass coverage sometime this weekend!

listen to the podcast
(tech note: I used audacity to assemble this show and it seemed to name the show "rant," rather than the file name. Sorry about that.)


Mission: Not Impossible
Urban cycling is rewarding dream to be enjoyed From the San Francisco Chronicle


Ed - KeystoneBiking said...

Good podcast. I'll be listening to this one for a while.

About your rant: I'm not saying that I'm perfect with laws on bicycles... but your comment about the "yellow light/now red > no cars > I'm not waiting"

I'm just curious, would you have the same feeling, if you were in a car?

I'm not lecturing, just curious to hear your response. I float back and forth from stricly obeying all traffic laws, and being "mostly good" with having the attitude, "Just be mostly like a car and don't piss anyone off."

jon said...

The question is moot since I don't drive but hypothetically...

Yes, I'd have the same feeling but no, I wouldn't act on it. Although I'm highly in favor of behaving as a vehicle when "driving" a bike,I realize that, in reality, bikes are a different kind of vehicle. They can swerve and "shoot the rapids" much more elegantly and safely than a car can. They can often make a right turn even when cars are coming from the left because they have the ability to merge into the traffic while cars have to wait for a break in the traffic before turning.

Also, when I ran that light on Thursay morning, it was 5:15 AM. Not only did I have a good 360 view but I could hear any car within a four block radius. Gotta watch out for those silent bikes though! You heard how quiet it was that morning. I love it!

I definitely share your wish not to piss off cars. (Here in the big city drivers always seem to be ticked off!) I'm not afraid of any bad PR I might be broadcasting by being a scofflaw beacause I think that by always rigorously respecting right of way, I'm pretty much staying on drivers' good side.

When I bike with the six-year-old on the alley cat though, we stop at all lights and signs and both wear helmets, both for the good pr and because kids don't understand the subtleties of the issue.


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