Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Interview with Gary Fisher

In this episode we welcome the legendary Gary Fisher to the show for a long, rambling chat. We talk about growing up in Marin County during the dawn of mountain biking, the growth of the industry he and his friends started. We also touch on the future of bicycling as the business gears up to tap the new markets that want bicycles for every day transportation and the massive infrastructure changes that will be necessary.

After the interview there's an update on the Octavia Blvd and Market Street intersection where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority want to remove a hard won bike lane.

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Photo courtesy Fisher Bikes


Thad said...

I just stumbled across your blog/podcast today and really enjoyed the interview with GF. A great mix of biking past, present and future! Thanks.

BTW...I was planning to post a link of this interview for my group of local riders, but noticed that the mp3 on your blog is chopped off at 31 minutes. The iTunes version is full length, just not as easy to link to.

Thad Hallberg said...

No problems...I clicked on "download" and got the full MP3 file and linked it on our mountain biking site.

Anonymous said...

Man, all of that background noise in the interview is so irritating that I just can't bear to listen to this.....