Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Battle for San Francisco

Another in a series of podcasts from the Towards Car-free Cities Conference in Portland Oregon, Bikescape recorded a presentation about mobility and land use politics in San Francisco. From the origins of Critical Mass to the ascendency of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the story is told by writer Chris Carlsson, Dave Snyder of San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, the SFBC's Leah Shahum, and CSU professor Jason Henderson.

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Anonymous said...


Many thanks for recording and posting this. It was great to hear the contrast in opinions.


Paul Dorn said...

Jon: Great podcast as always. People interested in more on the history of bicycling advocacy in San Francisco might also want to see my interview with Dave Snyder. My blog also features several other perspectives from cyclists who had leadership roles or experience with the pivotal 1997 period, including Josh Switzky, Maggie Robbins, Andy Thornley, and Anna Sojourner. San Francisco's streets continue to be a battleground. But the effective work of the activists involved with San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Critical Mass have made a big difference.