Sunday, May 18, 2008

Police and media get it wrong in bike fatalities

Bikescape revisits the March killings of Kristie Gough and Matt Peterson during a training ride in the Bay Area by a sheriff's deputy who crossed onto the wrong side of the road and hit them head-on.

We speak with bicycle lawyer and Velo News columnist Bob Mionskie about police bias in this case and toward cyclists in general. Next, we meet with San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Leah Shahum to get to the bottom of the shameful blame the victim attitude taken by the mainstream media and how we can shape public attitudes.

Then we look at a new podcast by James Howard Kunstler and check out the events calendar.

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Mionskie's column on Velo News is here.

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Photo of Leah courtesy Martin Krieg
Photo of Bob courtesy Andy Thornley


Anonymous said...

Thanks for plugging The KunstlerCast (podcast) on your show!


jon said...

Damn, Duncan! I just posted that show a cupla hours ago!

Actually is was your podcast that got me to set up a skype voice mail account for the show.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Well I have a Google alert set to "KunstlerCast."

I've tried to use the Skype mail thing for listener comments on my other projects. But it just didn't catch on.

You gotta have a lot of folks on skype to get calls. (I've heard it work on other shows, though.)

This website lets you install a recorder on your site that people can record messages into directly:

There's another free service that lets people call in on their phone and sends you a .wav file by email.

Or, if you want to pay a little money, you can use and set up a toll free number.

I've used them all. But the phone versions are the only ones that ever got calls.

I guess it all depends on the type of listeners you have.

Good luck!

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