Monday, April 07, 2008

Bicycling and the Law, Bob Mionske speaks at the SF Bicycle Coalition

Two time U.S. Olympic cyclist and 1990 U.S. National Champion, Bob Mionske went on to practice law and now advocates for cyclists. His new book Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist is a must read for activists. Bob also writes the Legally Speaking column in the Velo News.

He gave a talk at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition last month and Bikescape captured it for you here.

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Mike in Dallas said...

Great episode on biking law. On the yellow card magnets, why not put a link to this website:
Education is better than an F bomb in my book :)

vey said...

Good show.

I am (im)patiently waiting for the next one.

Unknown said...

I couldn't email you because the link didn't work, it sent me to the apple site for some reason. :(

I like your shows but I downloaded them all at once and have no idea what order to listen to them in. You would be better served by having the episode number in the filename or the tags, maybe.

Other than that, great show, hope you see this!