Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007: a look back

Let's recap the year, shall we?

In this episode I collect all of the random recordings I made over the year but failed to include in any shows. We spend some time at last summer's Shake your Peace Festival where we met the B:C:Clettes, a bike ballet troupe and listened to a bicycle-based musical device called Antsy Pants.

Then we meet up with Critical Mass at (Peewee) Herman Plaza as the crowd gathers to discuss whether the ride is still relevant after fifteen years. We also check in with my six-year-old as she learns to ride on two wheels.

Next, we get updates on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's embarrassing memo from HR that forbade employees from riding their bikes in the course of their duties, as well as lots of other news from the two wheeled world.

The song, Bicycle by the band for kids of all ages the Jellydots can be downloaded here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon. I live in Southern California (South Bay) and have been listening to your podcast since '06. I think you are doing an excellent job informing the bicycle community. I have yet to encounter a comparable source of information. Thanks for volunteering your time.

Warren Vasquez

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble finding the Jelly Ducks song that you played in your latest podcast. You had mentioned it would be on the website? I might just be missing it. Let me know.

Check out our club! We're way up here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Nokian studded tires rock!!

Chris - milburn.chris at

jon said...


Thanks for the heads-up! I inserted the link in the post.

Stay warm up there! It was in the 70's here today!