Thursday, March 01, 2007

hybrid shmybrid

"Try the Patch" uses the metaphor of smoking on an elevator to unveil the truth about transportation pollution. The myth of the "green" car is similar to myth of the "light" cigarette. Both are still toxic. Just as the patch offers a cure to cigarette addiction, the bicycle can end our addiction to cars. Many times more energy efficient during all phases of their life and fueled by willpower bicycles offer promise for a sustainable future.

This film was made by my buddies Jim Swanson and Kristen Steele (scroll way down) and stars Bill Stender, Kristen Steele, our own Andy Thornly and Laura Lent.

Go and rate this film right now at If my friends win the contest they will win two air tickets to Alaska to watch the glaciers melt. (No kidding.)


Paul Scott said...

Just curious about the text on screen that said a hybrid is often more polluting on disposal than a gas car due to the battery. I would like to see some documentation on that since I understand that the vast majority of batteries (over 98%)are recycled, thereby saving most of the original energy and resources that went into their manufacture.

Full disclosure: I drive an EV that burns no gas. I charge it from clean solar power, so no coal was burned at that end either. Seems for those who realy need to drive that this would be the best alternative.

jon said...

The only research I'm aware of was conducted by CNW Marketing. They say that the cradle to grave energy usage per mile of a hybrid, including manufacture, battery replacement and disposal (including recycling) and eventual car disposal amount to higher energy cost per mile than a normal gas guzzler.

Seems to me there needs to be a lot more research by environmental orgs but it isn't happening. Instead hybrids are being pushed as a panacea.

Anonymous said...

that study was done by a company that states on its website "We recognize 49 states and the District of Columbia. We do not accept business from Alabama. It'll take more than one beer for any further details." The whole company seems like a joke.

MattyMatt said...

Wait, the prize is airfare tickets? Oh no. I just hope the plane is solar-powered.

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