Monday, October 30, 2006

Interview with Chris Daly

Chris Daly has been a dependable ally for San Francisco cyclists. His record on transportration and housing is spotless. As we head into the last week before the election, a few downtown interests have been spending a lot of money to dump Chris to replace affordable housing and safe streets with offices, expensive condos and a lot more traffic.

Find out why we should reelect Daly as this episode takes us to a District 6 campaign mobilization where we talk to Chris about biking in the city.
Photo by Adam A.

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devnull said...


What is the music at the start of the podcast? It sounds rather nice and it would be good to hear more of it.


Tim said...

Love the podcast! I am a big fan of Biking it's great source of exercise. I take my Folding Bike everywhere.

Anonymous said...

damn, how am i going to get
around this month? i don't
have permission to take the