Saturday, June 10, 2006

russian hill roulette auteur frank chan

In this episode we meet Frank Chan, the maker of the films I podcasted yesterday. Don't forget to stop by the Zeitgeist Film Fest on Monday, June 12 to meet Frank and see his and other great films.

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The film was followed by a brief clip from the tour Josh Hart led of the six steepest hills in San Francisco. Check out the photos and more film clips here.

Take a look at the Times Up! site to get details about the car-free Central Park situation inNew York.


Anonymous said...

What was the name of the movie you mentioned in the podcast? The one about 6-day races? It sounded like you said "save grace", but I can't find any record of that.



jon said...

Sorry. I notiticed that the recorder hiccupped when I said "six day bike race" but it was too late to fix it. Then, when I searched I noticed I had the name wrong anyway!

Its "6 Day Bike Rider", 1934.