Sunday, April 23, 2006

velodromes and bikestations

After a month of vacation Bikescape returns with a lot of odds and ends. First we take a few laps around the Encino Velodrome. Then Scott Mace reports from the San Francisco Caltrain Station where ground was broken for the new bike station. (scroll down) After that we get caught up on the effort to ban cars from JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and check the calendar for upcoming events.

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Here's a video clip of the national team paracticing the move Henry taught me.

For a primer on track racing and velodromes take a look at this.

I edited Scott's Caltrain bike station report. To listen to the whole thing, go here.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly both ran articles about the politics behind car-free Saturdays in Golden Gate Park. Write to the supervisors and the Mayor to get this thing to happen!


Anonymous said...

Hey, great show again. The music you're playing really motivates me and it is quite interesting to hear that the US isn't sleeping (in terms of changing to a sustainable lifestyle) - mass media mostly only covers US not signing Kyoto.
I've discovered your podcast 2 months ago and listened to many episodes beginning in mid 2005. I think as a bicyclist in the US you have a quite hard day. Around here it's normal for people to cycle in town and especially on the weekends. But because of this there's also little to no motivation for such cool things as critical mass (at least in Germany).
There's another interesting thing I know about: rail cycling. When I've been at Leitra ( near Kopenhagen in Denmark last year, I got the chance to read a book about rail cycling in the US. Here around most railways are - luckily - still in use, but it's interesting what you can do if they're not any longer. At the first look it seemed quite boring to me but it has many positive aspects you wouldn't think of.

Thanks a lot and keep this awesome podcast on the air,


Anonymous said...

i love the opening tune
you've been using lately; i
think you may have found your
theme song. :)

jon said...

Well, some of us are waking up but its still an uphill battle even here in San Francisco where we're fighting to get cars off a measly 1.5 mile stretch of road in a park!

On the other hand this article was on the front page of the local paper a few days ago. Its a gloomy assesment of the political situation regarding what public opinion is willing to deal with.