Sunday, March 05, 2006

Songs in the key of bike

A simple podcast of bicycle inspired music. (NO QUEEN!)

Listen to the podcast or
go to Bikescape in itunes

Bicycle by Pfilbryte.

I took the soundtrack from a film about the 30,000 strong Budapest Critical Mass for one song.

Senior Coconut covers Tour de France by Kraftwerk.

Sambaguru, featuring Katia Moreas will be playing in Studio City next week.

Mireille Mathieu, Les Biciclettes de Belsize

You can't have a podcast like this without a song like Cars by the Desperate Bicycles

Slow Down
... a sentiment cyclists understand.

Send a letter to Arnold, the governator via the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's website to get a bike lane over the Bay Bridge in our lifetimes.


Anonymous said...

er, did something go wonky
overnight? i woke this
morning to find 722mb of
bikescape files, dating back
to 5/20/05. :-\

Anonymous said...

quite a ride in budapest!
imagine if people from around
the u.s. made the trip to
new york one month, and
30,000 people rode in the
mass. best of luck to the
police in arresting all of

jon said...

Lucky you Jeff! You get to hear all of the shows again!!

I just started getting download stats and I was surprised to see that people are downloading a lot of the archived shows by way of the feed but I saw no indication that others were having the issue that you had. I certainly didn't. Was it Itunes or some other podcatcher?


MagicTofu said...

I just found your show and was unable to listen to all of them but this one rocks! Thanks for the link to that critical mass ride video... I wish I could find the song they used on this video.

Anonymous said...

Great work Jon.

I've been listening to your podcasts for quite a few months.
I like your show because it has a real sense of community about it. You cover real issues rather than just focusing on the best bicycles on the market. It's seems to be about how and why you ride, rather than what bike you ride.

I got my mountain bike out of the garage last month and started to ride it again. I'm thirty and hadn't really been on a bike since I was teenager. It's given me a sense of freedom. I don't own a car so I ride everywhere now.

My aims are to keep cycling, one day ride Critical Mass in London, ride midnight ridazz in LA (a dream) and do a Charity bike ride in the Summer. And it's your show that's motivated me. So cheers mate.

I've wrote a quick review of the show for i-tunes UK so hopefully when they put it on the site it will tell people just how good the show is.

Can't wait for the next episode.

zebrathree, Suffolk UK

Jack said...

Yo Jon!

What a coincidence that Bikescape's bike music show was just a day ahead of the two-part bike music 'jukebox jury' on the Bike Show. Not much overlap between us, which is nice. Shows are downloadable here:

Anonymous said...

if anybody wanna download the movie about budapests critical mass, you can find it in .mov here:

Anonymous said...

oh also i forgot to mention the song is called Bicycle and its by Copper Cat

Thomas said...

When I think of biker busic, I think of the Prelude in C by J.S. Bach, which begins with a pedal solo. The Toccata in F is another, as is the Passacaglia in C Minor, with its repeated melody in the pedal.
Kyrie by Richard Purvis is yet another.