Monday, April 25, 2005

San Jose Ave bike lane ribbon cutting

From the SFBC news - (I hear there will be free Mitchel's ice cream!)

Wooo-hoo! We're having a Big Happy Lane-Loving Ribbon-Cutting Celebration for the newly-striped San Jose / Guerrero bike lanes, this Saturday (4/30) at 12 noon, in the little triangle on the east side of San Jose at 28th Street. Come out and join district Supervisors Ammiano and Dufty as we raise a hearty holler for these great new lanes and the hard-working neighbors and public servants who made them happen!

Sadly, not everyone is loving these swell new lanes -- there are some grumbling motorists making complaints to City Hall -- so be sure to show your support. Of course, phone calls and emails to supervisors and city staff are great (send a thank-you note to Supervisors Dufty <> and Ammiano <> if you haven't already, and give those DPT folks <> a big smooch, too!), but you can also be a big help by distributing informational flyers to bicyclists and others in the area. Contact Andy Thornley (431-BIKE x307 or and we'll get you set up for effective flyering on this important new link in the Citywide Bike Network. And we'll see you Saturday for a good old time on the brand new San Jose / Guerrero lanes!


Anonymous said...

Love the show! I thought I was the first one to podcast from atop a bicycle, but I think you might have beat me to it. Even though my podcast includes running and swimming, I also go on 50+ mile bike rides on a regular basis and am a huge bike advocate. I was sad to not hear you mention my show on your podcast (The Triathlete's Garage), so maybe next time! I tell people to listen to yours on my last podcast.

I work in the planning/mapping office of a small to medium sized city and I'm looking for ways for them to implement a more bike friendly culture. I began a movement for them to install bike racks at all the city offices for a start. I'm thinking that next I should push for better bike lane maps or a buddy system to help newbies learn how to ride to work safely. Have and good starter ideas? Email addy is texafornia at gmail dot com.

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