Saturday, March 07, 2009

Two Cities: Hong Kong and San Francisco

A visit with family offers a chance to report from Hong Kong. We visit the densest square kilometer on Earth then ride in bike paradise Lantau Island. Along the way, we meet Martin Turner of the Hong Kong Bicycle Alliance and stop in at the stylish RodaFixa bike shop.

Then back home in San Francisco, The Bicycle Coalition kicks off the Big 56 Campaign as the long awaited Bike Plan awakes from the court injunction.

Pictured: Brian and Woods from hkfixed

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jeff covey said...

great episode, jon -- one of your best, which is saying a lot. wonderful to hear the birds with no traffic going by. thanks for coming back to us and not defecting to the island.

Europe Traveler said...

Nice blog. I'll also take a listen to the podcast.

Rasan said...

Great blog. All posts have something to learn. Your work is very good and
i appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts.
thank you……..

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