Monday, November 24, 2008

A Conversation with Clarence Eckerson of Street Films

Last Halloween I met with video documentarian Clarence Eckerson of Street Films and Bike TV and we had a great and sprawling discussion about the role of internet-based video and blogging in transportation activism. Street Films is a part of Streets Blog, both of which are produced by The Open Planning Project.

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After our chat Clarence went out and shot this, the definitive film about Critical Mass, capturing the essence of the ride on a balmy San Francisco Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Nice show. Clarence is almost reason enough to be heterosexual. Kidding, that was a super interview, and you are kinda cute when you get fired up. I am a little leery of the sugar daddy tainted Streetsblog, but I do read it most days. Advocacy journalism is a very slippery slope, but since all journalism has become steeped in opinion, I do not mind a few folks who use their powers for good.

Rotting Away in Eugene

jon said...

Its always nice when anonymous lesbians say I'm cute...:}

On the serious side, I have real doubts that there has ever been any such thing as unbiased journalism. The thing is that both consumers and producers of news need to be responsible and discerning. You have to know your blogger before you can trust her/him.

don't get too moldy up there in damp Eugene!


Anonymous said...

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