Monday, August 25, 2008

Activism at City Hall and in the Streets

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition leads a protest on the steps of City Hall decrying the slow pace of progress on the environmental review for the Bicycle plan as a court injunction drags on. Then we go inside City hall to knock on doors to promote the car-free Sunday Streets trial on Aug 31 and Sept 14.

Finally (at 44 mins) the SFBC hits the streets to set up a photo booth to take pictures of cyclists and their bikes to deter theft.

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Anonymous said...

This is a little off-topic. I uploaded a tv-program 'Cyckelkultur i Danmark' (Bike Culture in Denmark) onto Gigasize. Download at

'Cykelkultur i Danmark' (2003, produced by '3113film')

262 MB, 28 minutes, 600x400 MP4

There's a little bit about many things, from exotic and vintage bike designs to the everyday use of bikes for transportation.

The reporter speaks Swedish, interviewees Danish and French. There are no subtitles (maybe someone can make English subtitles?). The film was shown on FST5 (the Swedish-language department of the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE).

Lanterne Rouge RIder said...

Listening to the protest at City Hall, I had the thought: Along with encouraging more people to get onto bikes, what about getting everyone who rides a bike to take a car for a week? Hearing about 125,000 cyclists in the Bay area made me think that putting them all into cars could only increase gridlock and enrage other drivers even more than when they have to deal with cyclists. That would also give something for the environmental study to look at. When all commute times go up for a week because you're taking bikes off the streets, it seems like a no-brainer that bikes should be encouraged on the streets.
Just a strange thought to push an issue.

jon said...


That would just be to common sensical for San Francisco.

(Sigh) I'm so embarrassed for my city...