Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cycling opens up civil society in Brazil

Sao Paolo activists open Bicycle Plaza

As every cyclist knows biking creates community. Instead of sitting in a tin can, cyclists are out in the world, reacting to their surroundings and interacting with the friends and strangers they meet along the road. Imagine the effect of even a small Critical Mass ride in a country that has been stultified by dictatorship for forty three years and robbed of its civil society?

In another in a series of podcasts from the Towards Car-free Cities Conference in Portland, we attend a talk by Brazilians Thiago Benicchio and Eduardo Green about how it is to ride a bike in their country. The slide show that accompanied the talk can be seen here and here.

Apocalipsemotorizado is in Portuguese but you can see the babelfish translation here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, thanks for the coverage! I've uploaded my part of the presentation here (in PDF format). Thiago