Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PARK(ing): remixing your landscape

A few months back in an episode about the intrusion of cars into Golden Gate Park, Bikescape posed the question: what is a park? In this episode, green strikes back at grey and the question gets turned around as we reclaim street parking spots for people. Even if only for a few hours…

Listen to the podcast or
go to Bikescape in itunes

The Rebar Group conceptualized and produced the installation and the Trust for Public Land paid the bills.

Clarence from Bike TV was there and shot an episode.

Berkeley's Pedal Express took care of some of the heavy hauling.

San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate archtechture critic John King wrote this article about the installation. The pictures in this post are also curtesy of the Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

great to have you back! i
must admit, i'd forgotten
all about bikescape, and it
was a pleasant surprise to
see an episode loading on my
mp3 player. :)

Jill Homer said...

Streetside green space. I love it.