Thursday, May 11, 2006

running on fumes

The price of gasoline is rising and an unprepared country confronts its addiction. As we hit bottom amid oil wars and looming petro-breakdown, Bikescape looks for signs that the denial is wearing thin. Come along for the ride as we talk with bikers getting ready for Critical Mass and drivers getting their fix at the local gas station.

Note: This podcast was finished moments before I handed my laptop to the repair shop for a week. It wasn’t till this morning that I noticed that the backround music in the last five minutes threatens to drown my voice. I’ll replace the file next week. Sorry about that…

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The Rainforest Action Network has a 12 step program to end oil addiction

Bike to Work Week is May 15-19 all around the country! In San Francisco, come and meet Bikescape (Me!) and geta snack and some schwag at the Caltrain Station energizer station during the evening commute.

Author Jim Kunstler has a blog about peak oil, suburban hell, and the coming breakdown. In this video we get treated to a far better interview than the amaturish one I conducted a few months back.


Anonymous said...

Doug said...


I discovered your blog and podcast a couple of weeks ago. I thought the velodrome podcast was really interesting.

The most compelling podcast was your interview with James Kunstler. Its obvious JHK has an interesting point of view, and what a character! I read his blog weekly.

Keep up the great podcasting.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this was a great show again. Thank you very much. And I want to thank the first commentator for his link to - over this site I've found the birthday present for my sister's 18th birthday: A one year subscription to the "Car Busters" magazine. I think this is a perfect present for a wanne-be autoholic and just-starting-autofan to get her down again. Especially in the context of peak oil it just makes no sense to get a drivers license today. She won't be driving for a long time.

Greetings from a starting recumbent cyclist, Daniel

Thomas said...

On 5/2/2006, during my last bike ride to San Francisco, I saw premium gas selling for $3.75/gallon. I have been looking foreward to seeing high fuel prices, as it might encourage people to ride bikes.