Saturday, January 28, 2006

We like our bikes

All cyclists have a love affair with their bikes and they'll be happy to tell you all about it if you ask. Bikescape went down to Pee Wee Herman Plaza to talk to folks about their rides before setting off on Critical Mass.

Listen to the podcast or
go to Bikescape in itunes

The folding bike I had trouble describing is pictured here.

Box Dog Bikes was mentioned as the source of an old tandem with twenty inch wheels.

Bamboo bikes!

Jim Swanson shot a couple of seconds of Critical Mass streaming down Lombard Street a few years back.

Fossil Fool the bike rapper supplied the closing music and sells great low rider style lights for your bike.

Ken writes in with this link about a recumbent coffee cart.

Sarah Tucker's untimely hit and run death was covered in the local press. Police are looking for a black Honda CR-V with a large scrape on the passenger door. Anyone with information is asked to call police at (415) 553-1641 or an anonymous tip line, (415) 575-4444.

Another bike related podcast to check out.


Bicycle Commuter Mike said...

Great podcast Jon, loved it. You do an absolutly great job with it. The whole bike rap at the end made me feel all hardcore and "gang like" And who says music doesn't influence kids?

Off to do some gang stuff and tagging....


jon said...

Haha! You should go to and watch the video i got the music from. It was from the pedal express birthday party and the rapper and the crowd were decidedly *not* very "gang-like"!

Thanks for listening and may I compliment you excellent blog

Dorquita said...

Love the music in this podcast. Can you tell who completed the opening song? I would love to legally download it.

jon said...

The song, "my bike" is by Ghoti Hook.