Monday, November 14, 2005

Commuting together: The Genentech bike club

Why ride alone when you can ride together? Bikescape joins the Genentech Bike Club as they splash through the rainy streets fifteen miles from San Francisco to their suburban office park. We talk of many things: food, dress, and cycle commuter accommodations in the corporate world.

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We also visit Nelson Nygaard and Associates and talk to Adam Millard-Ball about planning for better transportation

The Cranksgiving Alley Cat ride is happening in New York where this film by Lucas Brunell was filmed.

Don't Miss the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winter Fest


Bicycle Commuter Mike said...

Right now I'm listening to your podcast as I write this. Just as a note I really really enjoy your show. I know it takes a fair amount of time and I appriciate your work. I runa blog and publish a zine currently. In the future I have plans of a podcast. At the moment I am just getting familure witht the tech. side of it. When you are "out and about" what are you using for a recording device? Again thanks for your work.

Mike Barber

Ravish Kumar said...

hey i am fully agree to what all you have written here ..

i am lovin this blog...


jon said...


Sorry for not answering this sooner!

Out on the road I use a lavalier mic and an mp3 player tha records through a line-in socket.

Jim from The Bike Show says I need too get a better mic and I will at some point.

In the "studio" I am using audio hijack to record the system sound on my mac. I just lay quicktime windows of all my clips (which are pre-edited using the free Audacity software) and mix live, just as if I were on the radio.

Write to me and I'll give you my phone number if you want to talk in more detail.


Charity of Choice said... is worth a look. A few Genentech folks are signing up

HZ Founder