Monday, October 24, 2005

Riding with Pedal Express

Bikescape leaves the urban jungle of San Francisco and crosses the Bay to the leafy college town of Berkeley. We visit the Berkeley Center for Appropriate Transportation and go for a ride with Pedal Express.

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BCAT seems to not have a web site but the CAT in Eugene does.

Some of the bikes used by Pedal Express


Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative and Inkworks Press (where I work) like Ped Ex are members of NOBAWC and are Alameda County Certified Green Businesses.

We made a delivery at Southerland Bike Shop Aids


Dorquita said...

You have a nice song playing in the background of this podcast. What is it? Thanks

Shane MacRhodes said...

Hey that's me in the photo.... nice. I think I had just left PedEx when you did this podcast. Now I'm back in Eugene who has the original PedEx.
Ride On!