Saturday, May 07, 2005

I like my bike

This week we look at bike news as we kick off Bike Month. Then we take a look at my bikes.

Listen to the podcast

Last Fridays New York Critical Mass followed a different strategy this month but the cops still got a few riders as they tried to crush the ride.

Tranportation Alternatives and the NY DOT in New York plans a Bike Summer type month of events this May

Bike Polo in San Francisco

Velodiablo's post about bicycle polo

Take a moment to help stop the threat of bike tolls on California bridges and highways

The Bob trailer is a great one-wheeled cart that's good for camping as well as zipping between cars with a week's worth of groceries.

Burley is a fine worker owned cooperative that made my kiddie trailer and my piccolo trailer-cycle.

A sad article about Chris Robertson who is memorialized by the two Triumphs that I keep for him.

My Soma track bike.

Old Skool Track, NYC


Anonymous said...

loved the history of your bikes. very cool!

Jack said...

Nice work!

I present a weekly bike show on London's art radio station Resonance FM.

We are FM in central london and WWW around the world.

I have an archive of most of the past shows in Real Audio:

The website doesn't have links to the MP3 files yet, but we're working on getting that sorted.

Also a v. basic weblog here:

Maybe we can collaborate sometime on stuff? I used to live in the Bay Area - was a grad student at Berkeley. I remember i came close to being arrested on a critical mass in fall 97, and made everyone laugh when i (naively) tried to cycle over the bay bridge. Didn't realise it was cars only....

Happy riding!


Anonymous said...

I just posted a podcast with 50 minutes of a 50 mile rural bike ride. It was so fun to make! Biking and podcasting are a perfect match. Check it out and enter to win a free bike seat.

I also talk about a local that was hit and killed on his bike. Very tragic. I mentioned some tips on how others can reduce how many of these tragedies happen every year.