Thursday, April 21, 2005

The bicycle lifestyle

After catching up on the news, Bikescape rides up fifteen stories to the plush new offices of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to meet with executive director Leah Shahum. We talk about how to ease yourself out of car culture and into the bicycle lifestyle.

Listen to the podcast

Shout outs to
The Michigan Cycling Podcast
Bike Talk Radio on KDRT Radio in Davis, California (and in the pod-o-sphere)
Five Speed Cassette likes Ann Coulter but we have common ground in cycling!
Podbike is a directory of bike podcasts

An update on the New York Critical Mass Situation from the front page of the NY Times. The article is archive already and you have to pay to read the whole thing...

Democracy Now! has a better segment and its free

If you're not getting this podcast by subscribing to it via RSS using the free ipodder app, you're missing half the fun!

This may or may not be the same guy leah's talking about but, if not, this blogger is his kindred spirit. (For informational purposes only, not an invitation to flame or troll him!)

Bike to Work Day

Learn to drive your bicycle

Recomended reading from Velodiablo



Anonymous said...

Ran into your podcast while browsing bloglines. Great. Not sure how I would survive San Francisco biking. I remember the hills.

Of course, you might have problems with my environment. I bike year round and I live in a snow belt. Nothing quite like headwind and sleet.

Keep up the good work.

jon said...

SF winters lack sleet but its wet for days at a time. I like riding in rain but I am very happy to see the end of the rainy season. We shouldn't see any more rain till October or so.

Yes, biking would be a different challenge in the snow belt but, as a certified bike fanatic, I know I would make the jump. I'd probably ride a fixed gear mountain bike. Check out .

Anonymous said...

LOL. Sometimes you don't have any choices about fixed gear. You have to make sure you leave your bike in a gear you want to ride in when you park it.

Definitely need to use either a mountain or hybrid bike. And keep it really well oiled. I use Phil's Tenacious and KryTech, but, even that doesn't always survive the icing.

An another note, you have broken links in your RSS feed for the Ocatavia Butler and Critical Mass enclosures.


jon said...

Seems where the mp3's are stored is completely down and all of my links to the podcasts have gone down with it!

I'll keep an eye on things but I think we just have to wait till they get their act together. The were up an hour ago...


Anonymous said...

You might have two problems. I checked off all your episodes after listening to the latest episode. Only those two did not download at that time.

Just a reminder, everybody needs to get in shape for June 11.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcast.

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