Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pedaling and Pontificating

Bikescape takes a ride down San Jose Ave and Valencia Street and checks out the reclaimation of public space from cars.

Listen to the podcast

Music by The Vikter VZ Experience
More songs at the website!

The web site of the San Jose - Guerrero Coalition to Save our Streets

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

March 19 demonstration to end the oil war
The blood is on the hands of everyone who drives. Get there by bike!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I confirm the difficulties to bicycle in Valencia, CA. I've a mom's cousin living there (I'm french by the way).I visit him twice.

I usually ride my bike here in France, but in Valencia, lots of people where really astonished to see a bike guy and where driving rather dangerously :/ I lloked for "bike lane" desesperatly :/

Take care !

Olivier (Bordeaux, France)